About Finding Home Institute

Are you seeking healing, wholeness and freedom? Do you want to know how to hear God’s voice for yourself? Do you long for your journey with Christ to be something extraordinary and abundant?

Our lives are like wells meant to hold large quantities of refreshing, life-giving water. Jesus died so that we could overflow with the life of God, effortlessly spilling forth the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

But sometimes our wells get blocked with the wounds of childhood, the cares of this world, and fears of the unknown. If we want our wells to fill and overflow, we need to unstop them, just as Isaac had to unstop the wells that his father Abraham had dug (Genesis 26:12-33).

Finding Home Institute is committed to bringing individuals and communities to a place of freedom, where their wells are full and flowing. We envision a world where God’s freedom and abundance flow in and through everyone, spilling out onto a dry and thirsty world.

Through prayer counseling and teaching, we help people learn to hear God’s voice and come to the awareness—and the removal—of the issues that are blocking their growth and health. It’s about leading each person “home”—to the place of wholeness, peace and rest, where they know the truth about God and themselves.

The world needs to know that there is a God who can meet every need. As we allow God to unstop our wells, we not only fulfill the Great Commission, but we experience the fullness of life that Jesus intended for us to know.

If your well is feeling stopped up, Finding Home Institute can point you on the way toward the life you desire.

Abundant life is for today. Experience it now.


Finding Home Institute (FHI) is a Christ-centered, non-denominational ministry that is dedicated to rebuilding people, nurturing broken and wounded spirits, and training strong disciples.

FHI seeks to foster the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of individuals by helping them come to the awareness and removal of the issues that are blocking their growth and health. We do this by helping people learn to hear God’s voice through the use of prayer counseling and teaching.

FHI offers programs designed to enrich your walk with the Lord. Our programs include individual prayer counseling; mentoring; and courses centered on growth, healing, and discipleship.
FHI is a Virginia non-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors and guided by a distinguished Spiritual Advisory Board. FHI depends largely on freewill donations to support its work. However, individuals receiving prayer ministry are encouraged to contribute a suggested minimum donation, although all are welcome regardless of financial status. Registration fees may apply for curriculum courses.

Your financial partnership allows FHI to conduct its activities and provide ministry and training to those who have limited finances. By supporting our programs you also help strengthen the Body of Christ so that it can fulfill the Great Commission.

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