Freedom From Trauma – Seminar in Richmond, VA

Trauma is an experience that so many people face every day. It sinks into the soul, and leads to wounding that can resonate in the spirit, mind, and body for years, and change lives in ways that are still being discovered today. If it is left unaddressed and unhealed, trauma can prevent God’s children from becoming the people He always intended for them to be.

The fourth stop on the journey to freedom will focus on helping you recognize trauma and understand its effects, and will teach you how to effectively pray for healing for yourself and others.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Recognizing Trauma
  • How We Get Stuck in Trauma
  • Healing Trauma

This seminar is the fourth in a series of teachings designed to help you pursue the journey to a free and full life. 

Format: Live teaching followed by Q&A.

Cost: Donation to FHI. Please prayerfully consider the amount you would like to pay to support our work of helping others find freedom!

Instructor: Jessie Mejias, Director, Finding Home Institute

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