At FHI we believe that healing and discipleship go hand in hand. 

Discipleship is the process of becoming spiritually and emotionally mature. It is coming into alignment with the truth of who God is and who we are. It is becoming intimate with God the Father and learning to trust Him in every area of our life. It’s not just knowing the Word of God in our heads, but knowing Jesus, who is the Word, in our hearts and becoming more and more conformed to His likeness.  It is becoming increasingly aware of the personhood of the Holy Spirit and knowing how to follow His leading. It is knowing who God created us to be and walking in agreement with, and acceptance of, His plan for our life. It is being increasingly transformed in our inner man so that we can fulfill God’s purpose for our life. The end result of discipleship is that we become a conduit of God’s love, one who edifies the Body of Christ and the world. (Ephesians 4:12-16)

However, because many of us have wounded hearts that are a result of childhood trauma and/or the hurtful experiences of life, we are spiritually and emotionally stunted. We cannot fully grasp the truth about God and ourselves. As a consequence, we do not have the victory in our lives that was promised to us in the Bible and we do not express the love of God to our fellow believers and to the world.

Healing removes obstacles that may be hindering that spiritual and emotional growth. As our hearts are healed, we become more and more capable of operating in and from the truth-based principles of the Word, which opens the way for us to experience fullness of life.

To that end FHI offers programs upon demand that are designed to enrich your walk with the Lord and point you to the abundant life.

To accomplish the vision that God has given us to help to heal the brokenhearted and to set the captives free, we focus on three main areas of need:

  • Ministry to individuals and couples
  • Training for healing and discipleship
  • Mentoring individuals

Our prayer is that our resources will be life-giving and instrumental in bringing you into the purposes that God has intended for you since the beginning of time.