Christian Dream Interpretation at Finding Home Institute

Everyone dreams! Dreams have great value in that they often reveal issues that we are not aware of at the conscious level. Dreams are also an important means of hearing from God. As we see in the Bible, God used dreams to direct, warn and guide people. In our rationalistic culture, we’ve lost touch with this important way to access our true hearts and hear God’s voice.

FHI prayer ministers and mentors are available to help you, using Christian dream interpretation, to discern your own personal dream symbols and interpret what is going on beneath your conscious level that God wants you to know.  By helping you interpret your dream(s) from a biblical perspective you may receive healing, a warning, or guidance for a decision you have to make.  You may also be called to repentance, get a glimpse of things to come, or you may simply hear about God’s love and comfort for you.

Let God open up the world of dreams and visions for you!  FHI is available to assist you in hearing from Him.


FHI can help you understand your dreams in one of two ways:

  • One at a time: If you have a dream that you want to understand, write it down as soon as possible and in as much detail as possible, including the emotions you felt in the dream and anything that really stood out for you in the dream (it is recommended you use the Dream Interpretation Worksheet). This also applies to recurring dreams. Contact FHI to request help with your dream.
  • Through a dream mentoring relationship: Click here for more information.
The suggested donation rate for the interpretation of one dream is $55. If additional prayer ministry sessions are requested, the suggested donation rate for prayer ministry applies.
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