Marriage is one of the most difficult—and rewarding—relationships that we can have. However, we all have experiences and relationships from the past that directly affect the success or failure of our marriage. Sometimes, our past experiences may actually prevent us from getting married.

Our marriage preparation ministry is not traditional premarital/marital counseling. Rather, this is a series of four prayer counseling sessions that help men and women remove all obstacles to a spiritually and emotionally healthy marriage. As such, it can provide ministry that complements and/or completes traditional premarital/marital counseling. It can also be a standalone ministry before or after marriage.

Four Areas of Marriage Preparation

  • Breaking generational curses: uncovering and removing inherited patterns that are destructive to marriage
  • Renouncing inner vows: uncovering and removing decisions that are destructive to marriages
  • Severing ungodly soul ties: cleaning up past relationships
  • Cutting free: setting healthy boundaries with family


This ministry is available for singles or couples; pre-engaged, engaged or married.
This ministry can still be very effective if at least one spouse is willing to address these four problem areas.
This ministry calls for four (4) sessions with the prayer minister. Each session typically lasts two hours and will consist of some brief instruction time followed by prayer ministry in each of the four different areas. In some cases, the prayer minister may recommend additional prayer ministry sessions for one or both clients separately (at the suggested donation rate for prayer ministry).

The suggested donation for all four sessions of  this ministry is $250. Click the drop down arrow to select.

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