Prayer Counseling Tools and Techniques

>>>Prayer Counseling Tools and Techniques

Prayer Counseling Tools and Techniques

prayer counselingHave you ever wondered how prayer counseling works, and how it can be an effective path to freedom?

There are several different approaches that prayer counselors use to connect people with God’s truth. Whatever model a prayer counselor uses will tend to depend on his or her experience, training and temperament. However, across these different models, several tools are constants, and can be used by any prayer counselor.

In our ministry work, we operate from the belief that it is the truth that sets people free from their hurts (John 8:32). So we’re certain to put emphasis on listening to God for His words of life. We rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal what is hidden (Matthew 10:26) so we can then know how to pray.

Prayer counseling is more than prayer intended to help people get free from bondages and healed from wounds, It’s also a form of spiritual direction in which the ultimate goal is helping believers grow in grace, and in the knowledge of God (2 Peter 3:18).

To do this, we rely on three tools that are used as the Holy Spirit leads: Prayerful Listening, Prophetic Words and Pictures, and Listening Prayer.

Prayerful Listening

The first tool, prayerful listening, requires that the prayer counselor use standard good listening skills in order to hear out the whole matter from his or her client. This also requires being attentive to the Holy Spirit for clues as to the source or root of the problems at hand. As the client shares his or her story, the prayer counselor, who should have thorough knowledge of the Word and have been trained in one or more inner healing models, will wait for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Then it will be simple to identify the issue at hand—wounds, bitterness, inner vows, judgments or, most importantly, any lies the client believes.

Prophetic Words and Pictures

The second tool, prophetic words and pictures, points to the fact that prayer counseling is essentially a prophetic ministry. That simply means that we listen to God and then speak what we hear. Prayer counselors who walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit stay alert to revelatory words and pictures that are dropped into their spirits as clients speak. They are very careful to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and to use wisdom, discernment and discretion as to when and how to share what they hear or see with clients. Prophetic words and pictures are only used to help bring healing and clarity—not for the self-glorification of the prayer counselor. Clients too are encouraged to listen for words and pictures from the Lord.

Listening Prayer

Listening prayer, the third tool, is appropriate at any time in a session. When both the prayer counselor and the client need direction from the Holy Spirit, they become quiet, entering into a three-way conversation with the Lord. Either the prayer counselor or the client may ask a question of the Lord, then both will wait in silence, expecting to hear His answer. Ideally, the client will hear directly from the Lord: this brings about true change more than any “technique” that prayer counselors may use. The prayer counselor can be considered more of a coach in this situation, asking the Lord the questions to which the client needs answers, and making sure that the responses are indeed from the Lord.

Each of these tools is invaluable, whether used on their own or in tandem with methods from other approaches to inner healing, because in both cases they help people connect with the Lord in ways that work for them. What is most key in using any technique is making it possible for the Holy Spirit to make space for forgiveness, confession, repentance, deliverance—and, ultimately, freedom.

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